As I predicted… Vilasrao Deshmukh resigns

As predicted on this blog several days ago, the Maharastra CM has resigned.


The Singh government is still in place but there is still no plan. Talk of more coastal security, better intelligence and lists of terrorists being sent to Pakistan have not calmed the fears of Mumbai and the rest of India.


After 9/11, Bush set up a new security department – Homeland Security – changed aircraft and airport security and launched a strike on Bin Laden. It won him a second term in office and America has not had another 9/11 incident.


Will the relentless calls for the government to act from the Mumbaikars spurn on PM Singh, or will they give confidence to the opposition to call for vote of no confidence in parliament?


I believe that unless the Government takes firm action by this weekend, its future looks very uncertain. 

Will Congress Fall?

The outcry on the streets of Mumbai, the public outrage at the news that the Government may have had prior relevant intelligence on the attachs makes the resignation of Shivraj Paril too little, too late. The Governments of Manmohan Singh and Vilasrao Deshmukh, the Maharashtra Chief Minister, are both on the back foot. In politics, perception is everything and sadly, both these Governments are being seen as soft on terror with nothing more than political speeches and a rearranging of the cabinet chairs.


The ever growing calls for a firm Government and a secure India should see the opposition win a vote of no-confidence in parliament before the year end, and a new CM in Maharastra. Nothing else will do if we are to save the markets, tourist industry and faith in India as a safe destination. 

The next 48 hours are crucial. Watch this space.