India’s rise and the promise of a US – India Partnership

Having just read the speech delivered yesterday by William J. Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs at the White House, I thought I’d list some of the phenomenal quotes, which should leave those suggesting otherwise in no doubt about the political capital that’s being invested by the Obama administration on India.

The speech is called India’s rise and the Promise of US – Indian Partnership and was delivered at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC on 1st June 2010.

You can read the full speech by clicking any of the quotes below:

“The simple truth is that India’s strength and progress on the world stage is deeply in the strategic interest of the United States. ”

“Never has there been a moment when India and America mattered more to one another. And never has there been a moment when partnership between India and America mattered more to the rest of the globe.”

“The further truth, however, is that progress in U.S.-Indian partnership is not automatic. It requires continued hard work and vision on both sides. It requires patience and creativity. And it requires honesty in dealing head-on with concerns and doubts that arise on both sides.”

“India’s leadership, and the potential for U.S.-Indian partnership, extends well beyond Asia. India’s role in promoting global security is growing.”

“……it is a striking fact that the U.S. military now holds more bilateral military exercises every year with India than any other nation.”

“Expanded U.S.-Indian defense cooperation, unimaginable not so long ago, is a valuable means of supporting our shared interest in India’s broadened international security role. Our stake in India’s defense modernization is real and increasing, and defense trade has taken off since our 2005 framework agreement.”

’’India and the United States have both suffered devastating terrorist attacks, with the scars of 9/11 and 26/11 still fresh in both our societies. Since the horrific assault on Mumbai in November 2008, U.S.-Indian cooperation in counter-terrorism has deepened rapidly, in the interests of both our countries. Partnership on cyber security is another area ripe for development.”

“Our Strategic Dialogue this week elevates India to the rank of our most important global partners, allowing us to discuss and coordinate policies of global import, including on the future shape of the international economic system and on what we can do together to promote human development in other parts of the world.”

“In addition to the regular dialogue we have begun on East Asia, we look forward to quiet, systematic exchanges on other regional issues, such as the Middle East and Africa, where we can benefit from each other’s perspectives, and each look for ways to contribute to peace and security. India’s expanding global role will naturally make it an important part of any future consideration of reform of the UN Security Council. ”

“We’ve found greater common ground on climate change, and the Copenhagen Accord could not have happened without leadership at the highest levels from India.”

“The United States has both a profound interest in India’s success, and the capacity to contribute to that growth in ways that benefit us both.”

“We can, and we should, transform our export control relationship, befitting the 21st century U.S.-Indian strategic partnership. That will open the door to historic new cooperation in space, and a number of other areas for high tech cooperation.”

“Next year India will be the largest single-country recipient of U.S. climate funding, because India’s success in charting a new energy future is deeply in America’s interests.”

“India’s development of its greatest resource — its immensely talented people — is another focus of U.S.-Indian partnership.”

“The Singh-Obama 21st Century Knowledge Initiative offers new funding to increase linkages between American and Indian universities.”

“India and the United States have reached the stage where our individual success at home and abroad depends on our cooperation. That is what is different about our relationship today. That is the promise unlocked by the civil nuclear agreement, and all the advances of recent years. That is the “big idea” that can animate our partnership for decades to come. And that is the challenge before us, symbolized by the inauguration of the first-ever Strategic Dialogue: how to widen the arc of our cooperation, how to build systematic habits of collaboration, how to turn the transformational accomplishment of the civil nuclear accord into partnership across a much broader front.”.

“I have no illusions that this will be neat or easy. It will take a lot of time, and a lot of effort. Differences will occur, and doubts will linger. But at this extraordinary moment, we have leaderships who understand and respect one another, broad public and bipartisan support, a growing record of trust on which to build, and remarkable scope for partnership in Asia, in promoting global security and prosperity, and in India’s historic modernization. If we get this moment right, Indians and Americans can have an enormously positive influence on each other’s future, and on the course of the new century unfolding before us.”

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