What’s wrong with the Aussies?

I’m going to keep this short. Australia needs to get on top of what is obviously more than “a law & order issue”. Else, they’re going to find upto $2bn wiped away from their economy, and subsequently find themselves out of favour with one of the world’s most powerful economic players.

Australians are warm, hospitable people. If they don’t stop the mindless violence being dished out to Indian students, they place at risk their reputations – which no media / PR campaign can overcome.

We know you’re not thugs. But, please for your own sakes, get a grip on this situation.

  • Nimesh Shah

    My name is Nimesh Shah and been living in Australia for the last 23 years. I came to Australia as a teenager and over the last 2 decades, have thoroughly enjoyed living in this land of opportunity and fair go.

    I can assure you that I nor my friends or family have ever experienced overt or explicit racism. On the contrary, we have enjoyed sharing our trials and tribulations that life serves us with various nationalities and cultures whilst maintaining a fairly strong bond with our Indian heritage. In relation to the recent attacks on Indian students, even though I dont condone these acts of violence and brutality, we should keep the details in context. In the majority of the cases, it is clear that the incident occurred due to opportunities reasons rather than race driven. Finally I would like to remind my fellow Indian collegues that there is always going to be small minority groups in every nation that subscribe to extreme views on certain topical isssues and Australia is no exception.

    Nimesh shah