Marketing & promotion of India Inc

So, had some good news with the promotion of the book. HSBC Private Bank has agreed to be the global sponsor for the launch events – so they’ll invite me to speak to their clients in New York, London, and Mumbai. Yesterday, as I said in my tweet – the US – India Business Council agreed to host events in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, LA, Bay Area – am very thankful to them for the offer.

All the PR seems to be focused on book reviews – Management Today, Real Business Magazine and other magazines have agreed. However, I was advised that even if they weren’t the best reviews, it would do the book no harm (fingers crossed).

For the events, we’re having some banners printed – which I’d like your feedback on. My wife & I disagreed about the design of the banner – so I thought I’d illicit your opinion on the attached.

Let me know which you think? You’ll (at least I hope) guess which one I prefer 🙂

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  • Govind Shiyani

    I like banner 3. White background and a personal picture makes this one stand out.

  • Go for 3

  • Saket

    Banner 3.

    Just a thought…is James Caan very well known in USA and India? Mrs M thinks banner 1 has too much text. I like the Mr P brand on the banner but not bigger than the book as in 2.

    Another option is to have the web address in banner 3.

  • I would definitely go for Banner no. 1.

  • I'm with #1 too

  • 3!

  • I'll go for # 1

  • nrupesh

    No. 2 or No. 3 for me!!