Update on 'India Inc: How India's Top 10 Entrepreneurs Are Winning Globally'

Having completed writing my book and thinking that I’d fulfilled my end of the bargain, I’ve been even busier with other things related to this project. With advice from friends like Mark Kobayashi – Hillary & Alpesh Patel, who’re both serial authors, I’ve managed to make some headway in thinking about the promotion of the book.

So far, the book has received great feedback from esteemed and respected figures like Jim O’ Neill – author of the BRICs report & Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs; Lynn Forrester de Rothschild – of the banking family; Dean Dipak Jain – management guru at Kellogg School of Management; Chandrajit Banerjee – Director General of the Confederation of Indian Industry.. and a few more.

My next step in mastering how to use social media tools like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter in the promotion of the book. It’s lucky that my firm – www.saffronchase.com, has just launched a service that espouses the use of these tools for improving PR and government relations campaigns!

I’m meeting my publisher and his Indian distributor next week to discuss what we’re planning in India. Thinking of a tour of the key cities and university campuses in Feb / March 2010. Is this a good idea?

I’ve also been approached by an international bank with an offer to, potentially, sponsor the book launches globally. Looks like there’s going to be a lot of interest from sponsors for this type of book and the audience it could bring to them.

As a first time author, the experience has been fascinating. I may have been naive in thinking that all I had to do was write a book, but it’s proving to be fun and am looking forward to the journey.

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