Meeting Mr. BRIC

We’ve all heard of the Goldman Sachs BRICS report – which looks at the emergence of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as a counterbalance to America’s economic prowess. In many ways, this report continues to set the agenda when any debates concerning ‘globalisation’ take place in any part of the world. The report has received reams of coverage and has even spurned an industry in books dedicated to the subject.

From my own personal experience, I remember thumbing through the report after we’d started our business to understand this “new” perspective and the advantage that our India experience would provide us in years to come. The analysis presented in this report filled us with confidence and provided greater definition to our business.

My reason for bringing this up, is that at the dinner with the Duke of York (please refer to my previous blog entry), I was fortunate to have met the author of the report – Jim O’Neill. His report can only be described as a seminal moment in our understanding of how the world was changing.

He described the vision of 9/11 on his TV screen as the “eureka” moment that made him question the future of America in setting the agenda in years to come.

Americans are often described as being insular, protectionist, conspiracists etc etc, but my experience at the India Briefing Centre tells a wholly different story. With ever increasing dealflow between America & India, we’re finding an acceptance of all things Indian in the US. In our multicultural training programme, they ask good questions, are curious of the opportunities that India presents to them, and more than anything else, acknowledge, what I believe Jim O’Neill started the ball rolling on, that America & India must work together for the prosperity of their people.

Mr O’Neill – we salute you.

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