Tell Google, India NOT China is the future

Google should shift its focus to India, where a free press exists and is encouraged – unlike China, which censors almost everything, and uses it’s heavy hand in dictating terms, with the “national interest” in mind.

With a middle class the size of the entire US population – armed with disposable income; with a fundamental belief in democracy and the rule of law; with a free and critical press – most businesses would be better off in the longer term looking at India, rather than targeting short-sighted revenues in the “people’s republic”.

Despite it’s obvious failings and comparative slower growth rate (6.5%!), I could go on & on to offer my view on why India is a much better suited place for Google, but I’m interested in what you think. Do you think India is a better bet than China?

Let your comments flow…

A few years ago, a wordsmith conjured up the following phrase which encapsulate, at least for me, why Google ought to shift its focus: ‘India: the fastest growing, free market democracy”. Case closed, as far as I’m concerned.