Slumdog Millionaire

Whilst I profess that I haven’t caught the ‘must see’ movie of the season, I can’t help but feel that I already know everything about the flick! As with most films that are based on a popular book, I’m sure Danny Boyle’s added a few twists that are from his own imagination and not that of the author – who incidentally is a friend from his London days and shares a great first name with me 🙂

In conversation with those in the know, they tell me that as a result of Danny Boyle never having visited India before he decided to make this film, the cinematography and pictures captured with his small crew is creating quite a stir.

Criticism from one camp of the way he depicts India’s racial tensions right the way through to the manner in which he brings India’s slums into the multiplex’s of the developed world will be forgiven if Slumdog brings home India’s first ever Oscar.

If there’s one thing India is known for is its ability to entertain the masses. I’m looking forward to catching the film next weekend.