Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan beat India in business reforms!

The World Bank publishes an annual report titled ‘The Doing Business Report’ in which they draw attention to various findings abour business and regulatory reform across the world. I thought it quite interesting to point out that India’s neighbours beat her in the sphere of reducing red tape.

Given the awful state of Pakistan, the transition of Nepal’s monarch state to a Maoist lead democracy, and the ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka, it would have been safe to assume that India would fare well against them in these rankings given her economic prowess.

For a country, whose global popularity was much enhanced by the abilities of its leading IT firms, you’d have thought that India would try to innovate and use technology to a much greater extent. We are, also, often  told of the huge reduction of red tape and the decline of India’s license raj, but, if this was the case, then why is India languishing in 122nd place in this global index?