The iPhone is for posers!

There’s no denying that Apple are good at what they do. They’re creative; understand the market need; and leverage their brand effectively – all of which has resulted in many of my friends ditching their regular handsets for an iPhone.

Well, given the praise by some, I decided to take a look at the iPhone as a replacement to my Blackberry. I thought that the worst case would be that I’d use it for a year and then jump back at the time of contract renewal.

At first, I was really impressed with the phone. I enjoyed the apps, and, in general, the novelty of the touch screen was great, but I simply couldn’t stand the fact that the battery life of the device was so poor. To counter this, my peers suggested that I needed to buy an additional battery sleeve type of thing, and encouraged me to keep the phone connected to my PC at work so that it remains charged – all of which, at least in my view, are totally unacceptable given the progress of technology.

Then, I went to Asia on my book tour and was constantly out & about. I had been pre-warned about data roaming charges, so made sure I’d turned these features off. But, when I turned data roaming on, the device took forever to get my emails and am sure have resulted in a very large phone bill at the end of this month.

My primary use for the device is as a phone and sadly, the iPhone is simply not up to it. What’s the point of taking a charger with you to meetings? I also found myself calling people accidentally as the touch screen was so sensitive – which is a disaster in my line of work! Who knows how many calls were made that I’m not aware of!!!

In the end, I’ve lost faith in the device and am relieved that I have the option to go back to a Blackberry, which by comparison is a mega reliable workhorse.

The BB isn’t as attractive, but it works exceedingly well – especially in the work context – leaving me to summise that the iPhone is for posers!

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