Massacre in Mumbai

The scenes that we are witnessing in Mumbai this evening should be flashed across the world to bring home the impact of terrorism, as they have to my home in London. We’re shocked by the images we are seeing – a policeman nursing a fresh bullet wound, the domes of the Taj Palace Hotel engulfed in flames, news about  40 hostages being held, and news reports suggest that as I write there are 16 active terrorist units raging in Mumbai tonight.

Given that India over the past 30 years has probably been the biggest victim of global terrorism, there’ll be a volley of questions asked and fingers pointed tomorrow morning asking how the political command structure and security services failed to detect such a coordinated and massive attack. Before the politicking and blame game commences, I’d like to urge the commentariat to consider the impact on ordinary Mumbaikars and Indians.

There’s a real & human cost – families have suffered losses and pain that is unimaginable; lives have been changed for once and for all.

We know that the resilience of Indian people during previous attacks and havoc has remained steadfast; and live in the hope that as the sun rises on the Gateway of India, tomorrow morning, that Mumbaikars hold together, as they have previously.

From London, we want you to know that we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in these testing times.

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