Olympics 2012

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t write a piece on the Olympics, which is taking place as we speak. Beijing must surely be the place to be at the moment! Just imagine, 10,000 athletes from 220 countries all in one city for 17 days. Can you imagine what this means for China?

Can you imagine the potential for confusion! One of the things that makes this Olympics distinct is that there haven’t been any people moaning or complaining about this, that, and the other. Or is it that we, simply, haven’t heard anything as a result of China’s preoccupation to screen any information about what happens there?

What’s been interesting is the effort put in by LOCOG officials and spokesman including Lord Coe and Mayor Boris in trying to manage the world’s expectations of the 2012 London Olympics. Yes, we all know that the amount of money being spent in China far surpasses anything anyone has or will ever spend on such an event. However, what I believe they must focus on is ensuring that in the run up to 2012, they become more accessible, representative, and open to recognising that the presence of the many diverse cultures in Britain, are our strongest hand in our deck of cards.

I’m certain that you’ll find a representative community from each of the 220 countries already in London. Let’s use the the next four years to learn from them on what it’ll take to ensure that those visiting us have the most amazing experience.

Let’s look at our strongest features – our media, our diversity, our history – let’s make them work for us.

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