Jay-Z Rocks Glastonbury

Watching yesterday’s coverage of Glastonbury, the organisers must feel totally vindicated in their decision to book Jay-Z as their headline act. The guy rocked the place. I can’t believe the opposition he faced. Sure, he’s not an “indy” act but his rap act brought something to the table. A new musical culture was introduced to what can only be described as the biggest music festival in Britain.

By kicking off his set with an Oasis anthem, Jay-Z showed the world that he’s got a bigger heart than typical Glasto names like Noel Gallagher.

After Wonderwall, he had the 150,000 odd audience eating out of the palm of his hand. It was great fun to watch him play with the audience.

We know that music can transcend cultural barriers, the risk that Michael Eavis, festival organiser, took was well worth it. We owe him for sticking his neck out.

Case closed.

PS – for anyone who watched Amy Winehouse, what was she on? I can’t believe she was put on the famous pyramid stage.

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