There's no such thing as a self-made man…

Went to a highly entertaining book launch yesterday hosted by the Hinduja’s for Pralhad Chhabria, Chairman of the Finolex Group, who’s written his autobiography titled ‘There’s no such thing as a self made man’. As is the custom, several worthy individuals spoke at the event (which was packed wall to wall with members of the Rich List) and congratulated the author on his achievements, but the most revealing of speeches was delivered by none other than SP Hinduja himself.

In his inimitable style, SP spoke about an occassion when a university conferred to him, and his brothers, a honorary degree and suggested that the audience would like to hear how they, too, could become billionaires.

He made the assembled audience at the dinner laugh (trust me… it’s all about delivery) by adding that the university had provided him with only three minutes to provide his advice on this subject – a fortune that his family have made over three generations! 3 minutes for 3 generations!

What I found fascinating was that he mentioned two things in his response, which I suppose typify India’s success: (a) the need to focus and (b) to take people along with you in your journey.

Speak with any successful business leader from India, and you’re guaranteed to unearth golden nuggets of knowledge that you can apply to yourself and your business. In my case, I walked away with a greater belief in the virtues of interdependency. In such a dynamic and ever increasingly international world, I don’t think you stand a chance in succeeding by yourself. I suppose Mr Chhabria’s got it right – ‘there’s (really) no such thing as a self made man’!


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